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Strategic What?! is a podcast for innovators looking to become better managers. 

Here I talk about how to improve your productivity, better plan your projects, and lead in a more effective way.

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Nov 1, 2018

Can you believe we’ve reached our 50th episode?

In this episode, I have a special guest. This person always wanted to know more about my work. So, we put some questions together and let her do the interview.

Let’s celebrate! 50 episodes is a big milestones and I’m super excited about what’s coming next. It’s been really fun to be with you in this journey.


In This Episode You will Learn:

  • At 0:47, a behind the scenes look at my work in my consulting company and the type of work I do;
  • At 7:35, a tip on how to become a better manager;
  • At 9:04, a tip on where to start when you are struggling with your team;
  • At 13:00, learn how I became a podcaster;


The One Thing to Take Away from This Episode:

It’s really great to be producing this podcast and it is a pleasure to get in touch with you. Let’s start a conversation. Send me an email at 


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